Glazing Screens

We provide a wide range of energy efficient glazing screens,insect screens for your office buildings, hotels or homes. Glazing screen provides improved thermal efficiency which not only keeps you warm but also brings down your energy cost. Double glazing screens are cost competitive in comparison to installing new windows which means you also have an ability to maintain current look and feel. The professionals at Amberley interior will custom fit all windows as per your need and match it with your existing design.

We specialize in following categories

Condensation and UV control

Our condensation and UV control screens prevents water droplets from forming on the windows and stops up to 86% of the UV light transmissions. Water droplets can accumulate and run down on your wooden furniture and rot them over the time on the other hand UV rays are responsible for fading damage of your fabrics and furniture.

Acoustic Insulation

Our acoustic insulation will reduce the noise levels to 5-13 decibels coming through the windows. For better noise reduction, our double glazing acoustic insulators screens are made from different types of materials. As the both panes are made from different materials they vibrate at different frequencies at different intervals and doesn’t resonate together therefor they further damp the sound.Our acoustic insulation are ideal for your office, homes, study rooms, library particularly if you live in noisy neighbourhood.

Thermal Insulation

Our thermal insulation double glazed screens prevents loss of Heat or air conditioning through conduction or convection. In winters through standard windows when the warm air comes in contact with cold window it gets cold too thus lose of heat occurs, and in summers reverse happens. Our thermal insulation saves up to 48% of the heat loss through the windows. Double layer glazing screens make your home more energy efficient in summers as well as winters. Energy saving will itself pay for the amount you put on installing screens and you’ll have more comfortable home to live.

Insect Screens

Our Insect Screens are installed using magnetic strips which are almost invisible when placed on your window.These are fabricated using flexible “phifer”, non flammable plastic coating along with nylon fibre glass which makes our screens very strong and durable.The screen adheres to the perimeter of the fixed window frame on the INSIDE of the window and can be left in place all year.

Benefits of having a insect screen

  • keep the windows open without letting any insects or pest in,
  • Keeps  flies, mosquitoes, bees away,
  • Get the fresh air,
  • Healthier and comfortable  home to live.